Find a conclusion to all your construction visions with 770 Construction

770 Construction, as one of California’s leading construction companies, delivers superior services and solutions to many of the city’s worldwide financial institutions, cultural centers, start-ups, retail enterprises, building managers, landlords, and others. Our mission is to bring each client’s vision to reality by concentrating on all elements of building improvement and fit-out planning and execution from conception to end.

Plan safe, Live Safe:

Our flawless safety record may be credited to our highly qualified, thoroughly trained field staff, as well as their insistence on orderly, clean job sites and strict adherence to all local safety laws. Our ultimate aim on every project site is to remove any danger.

What makes us the best in the area

We have received high praise for completing a wide range of large and small projects, supporting innovation, adopting emerging technology, and making a difference for our clients, workers, community, and environment. We are assisting you in realizing your goal. Our construction company in California offers a varied market of commercial and residential building demands.

Popular Services

Kitchen Remodeling

770 Construction has a well-equipped and professionally trained team striving to accommodate the clients who are looking to get their kitchen remodeling done. Our company has the capability to tackle every style, area and layout within your budget-line. We focus to target our goal of accomplishing your dream kitchen needs successfully with the help of our designers and engineers.

Bathroom Remodeling

770 Construction has a history of making every eye astonished with the amazement when they first saw their newly furnished and remodeled bathroom. We make them feel speechless and out of words to see the new bathroom outlook they had never thought of. Our customers take part in every task of bathroom remodeling, from deciding on the design to giving a final look by keeping an eye on every minute detail of the interior

New Construction

We at 770 Construction own the capability to cater to every need of construction, which is our courage to handle every project with the confidence of victorious accomplishment. We do everything, even if it is big and giant for your commercial projects or tiny for your residential area. Nothing is too big or too small for us, as size doesn’t matter.


Are you looking to find out the most reliant and reliable roofing contractors? Not a big deal when you have 770 constructions in the town serving exceptionally in your area with the construction services you can rely on. If you see any leakage, joint mortar or disintegration in roofing of your frame, you really need to get hands-on to the construction contractor providing variety of services from repairing to new installation

Additon & ADU

While constructing an addition for your existing home, we keep every minor detail in view with every aspect that it should match the standards of an already built structure. Do not spoil the feel and standard of your living space by hiring ordinary construction contractors to make an addition to your home.


Ever heard of getting variety of services at a single place? You might think that is not possible in reality but 770 Constructions break all the stereotype by delivering multiple tasks with specialized team covering specific areas of expertise. We will not only satisfy your construction needs but also cater your needs of cooling services, heating services, energy & air quality.

Paint Job interior & Exterior

Are you bored with the same color scheme of your room or workspace? Let’s make your surroundings colorful by adding colors to your interior walls and make it look exciting. We have in-house well-qualified painters working exceptionally to provide you numerous color schemes meeting your standards. No matter if it is new construction or an old one in need to be renovate, we can do anything for you


In this competitive market where numerous names are in list of providing demolition services, 770 Constructions lead the industry with strategies that will compete every ordinary provider. We have the capability of all kinds of junks and contaminations in your surroundings with the efficiency of giving prompt cleaning services.

Engineering & Architectural Design

Architectural designing involves all the elements that are necessary for making an accurate structure. An architect known to take part in making architectural designing and drawing. We own the well qualified team of architects keeping all the elements of create a unique ad coherent structure. They keep in view every step involved in creating a creative design meeting the standards of safety and security.

Pool and Spa

In California, we specialize in bespoke pool design and construction. We are an owner-operated company with a smaller, more intimate approach to swimming pool construction than many of our competitors.


770 Construction is an expert contractor that takes pleasure in providing the greatest level of service when it comes to resolving your concerns. We are here to assist you find a solution whether you need to repair your foundation or crawl space or seismic retrofit your property.


Outdoor living areas in homes are meant to be the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, so they must have hardscape features that accomplish exactly that. There are several methods to make your outdoor space more useful and appealing. For example, you can choose to install a retaining wall system that not only is strong and durable, but also complements your landscaping in an amazing and fresh way.


Look no farther than 770 Construction if you need a skilled crew to totally remodel your outside environment and manage all of your landscaping demands. For many years, we have assisted various clients in the region in creating stunning landscapes and maintaining their business buildings. 770 Construction works on a wide range of commercial properties.