Engineering & Architectural Drawing
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Distinctive Architectural Drawing

Architectural designing involves all the elements that are necessary for making an accurate structure. An architect known to take part in making architectural designing and drawing. We own the well qualified team of architects keeping all the elements of create a unique ad coherent structure. They keep in view every step involved in creating a creative design meeting the standards of safety and security. They create such unique designs that will be used for the execution and manufacturing a whole new frame that will make it distinct from other ordinary structures. We draw it before we manufacture it so necessary modifications can be made according to your need and requirements. Satisfaction of our valued clients is the utmost priority of our team. You can call 770 Construction to meet your dream frames in reality.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering involves making virtual structures for many projects of commercial and residential needs. It is being taken care by a qualified team specialized in structural engineering. These designs are man-made by using their instincts followed by their aesthetic appeal considering the fact of most likely structure among the client. These structures are made before starting the construction of bridges, buildings or complex for error-free accomplishment. All necessary amendments are made before we construct. We hire a professional team of civil engineering having expertise in the specific field to make the whole process worth working. We satisfy all your needs of designing as we own all the equipment needed to make sturdiest structures.

Design Planning

This is a specific field of design used to plan the whole execution from initial thoughts to the final outcome. It involves the plans of different residential and commercial sites ranging in:

  • Urban Master Planning:

Our team is specialized in planning the designs of urban areas aiding in development according to the necessities of the community.

  • Commercial Area Planning:

Our specialized designers are smart enough to plan and design such commercial patterns that will attract the sight of investor willing invest in the best.

  • Landscape Planning:

While making landscape plans of designing, our designers keep in view both the urban and rural settings beneficial for present and future generation.

  • Land Use Planning:

The focused principal by our designer in land use planning is to target every land from residence to agricultural with the efficiency of sustainability.

  • Housing Scheme Planning:

We possess smart enough crew capable to overlook real estate and large scale projects needed for planning before constructing.

Expert Advice

The very first step towards remodeling your kitchen is to get in touch with our interior designers who will help you out with the best and expert recommendations meeting your requirements. They will ask you your desires of favorite color, scheme, budget-line and layout you want to have for your kitchen remodeling.


Once we are done with the initial steps towards setting up your new kitchen, our team will plan the whole layout of the kitchen that will match the space of your area. By utilizing the measurement, we captured, we will give you numerous recommendations for the placement of your appliances, furniture and many other kitchen essentials. All the alteration according to your need will be made.

Measuring The Area

Upon agreeing to the design and layout, our expert will measure the area and space you have, ensuring that the space is enough to do the exact kitchen remodeling. We will make sure that we got the accurate measurements that will cover the space for walls, cabinets, counters and the appliances that would be housed in the kitchen.

Adding Fanciness

After we have decided the layout and design, we will add final finishing to the whole structure that will astonish every eye with amazement. Minute detailing, color scheme, lightening, styles and many more. Adding such interior detailing will make your kitchen remodeling stand out with the exact aesthetic appeal you wanted to have.

Interior and Exterior Designing Drawings

Our professional team of well-trained and well-equipped designers strive to provide wide range of exclusive drawings of designing catering your needs of interior designing. They know how to cover every space with the art of creativity that will uniquely fit in your interior with the exception of designing. We make your frames and structure look astonishingly fabulous with the beauteous appeal that will help you out to bring your building in the limelight among many ordinary projects lying nearby.