Foundation Services
Our Special Services

770 Construction is an expert contractor that takes pleasure in providing the greatest level of service when it comes to resolving your concerns. We are here to assist you find a solution whether you need to repair your foundation or crawl space or seismic retrofit your property. For homes in our service region, we provide free, no-obligation foundation repair quotations. Call or e-mail us immediately if you’d like to meet with a representative to discuss a successful repair strategy for your house!

What we offer:

Foundation Repair

We’ll find the right solution for all your foundation problems.

Concrete Leveling

We provide cracked & Concrete repair services with simple & durable solutions.

Crawl Space Repair

We offer complete crawl space encapsulation & repair services.

Concrete Repair

Quickly & Effectively stabilize your sinking, cracked concrete.


Your house is your fortress, keeping your family secure, but what if the foundation on which your home is built is not sound? A robust home is built on a firm foundation, and at 770 Construction, we ensure the safety of your families one home at a time. Foundation problems reduce the value of your investment and represent a major threat to your family’s safety, lowering the structural integrity and value of your property.

If you own a house in California and want to secure your investment for your family, you must take steps to maintain the structural integrity of your property. Earthquake safety should be a major consideration, especially if you reside near an active fault line.