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Jacob WilliamsJacob Williams
20:39 06 Jul 22
770 Construction Remodeling recently remodeled our master bathroom! Ron and the entire team were amazing to work with and we LOVE our bathroom! They did an outstanding job helping us design our bathroom. He listened to our needs, understood our vision, helped us select the right materials and was so supportive throughout the remodel. He went above and beyond to ensure we were happy and everything went smoothly. I would recommend them and we will use them again for our next project!
Nicholas DenmanNicholas Denman
20:32 04 Jul 22
Our working experience with 770 Construction was great. During the early stages of our meetings with Ron, we were told that the remodeling project will take no more than 4 weeks and it did. The workers that worked in our home were dependable and honest. The designer Ron listened to our vision and ideas and made sure we were pleased with the designs of the new kitchen plan. The new kitchen is perfect and it represents exactly what we wanted to have. I would highly recommend this company to anyone
Millie CarterMillie Carter
18:28 16 Jun 22
We used 770 Construction to build out our deck replacement and roofing remodelling practice. I highly recommend them. The quality is excellent. We really have different friends that have used them and you can just tell a difference in the quality and design features compared to other contractors. They were very reasonably priced. Any issues that we ran into during the process got resolved. Ron is very trustworthy and just a genuinely nice person overall, we really enjoyed working with them. They were also very quick! They told us a timeline at the start and were spot on with the finishing date. You won’t be disappointed using 770 Construction!!
Nancy MarionNancy Marion
23:02 26 May 22
Had a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel. I couldn't be happier with the results and am in shock with the before and after of everything. 770 Construction helped design it from start to finish. Absolutely love the remodel and couldn't be more thankful for Ron and that I chose the right company to do the right project. 770 Construction finished remodeling our house about a couple of weeks ago and overall it took them about 2 weeks to finish everything. Ron was very easy to work with. The installation process realized as if they weren't there. All employees were respectful, trustworthy, and on time. Have been getting many compliments!
Joshua SchiroJoshua Schiro
22:10 17 May 22
We recently remodeled our master bathroom and chose 770 Construction in Los Angeles to do the job. Overall, we had a great experience! We were given a fair cost for our remodel and the quality of the job was fantastic. Everybody we worked with was polite, respectful, and professional. Any minor issues that came up were addressed quickly and accurately. Our bathroom looks a million times better and is a lot more functional. Ron and his crew great experience! We would definitely recommend 770 Construction to anyone and we plan to use them again for our next remodeling project.

Who We Are

770 construction company is been at the forefront of the general engineering contracting industry. Building & renovating thousands of square footage of commercial and residential properties that include kitchen & bathroom, ADU, garage converting , landscaping hardscaping from inside of the project walls to the exterior walls, and flipping throughout Los Angeles,CA.

How 770 Construction Approaches Your Project

Let our skilled and experienced team show you what you can do with your budget. We want to help you build your dream. Our crews work hard to provide the best quality construction and remodeling services. For large scale remodeling projects such as full bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, complete home renovations, additions, ADU’s and large scale exterior renovations we have a pretty straightforward process: It starts with translating your ideas into a 3D design.

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You get to sit back and relax while our experts go to work remodeling to make your dream a reality. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let us take care of all the hard work for you. When it comes to smaller scale projects we keep to our simple, easy, headache free process. You let us know your budget and we’ll show you the styles, materials and options available to suite your needs. Smaller scale projects include: Kitchen & Bathrooms remodel, Addition & ( ADU ) Accessibility dwelling unit, or Garage Converting,

Interior & Exterior flooring , Decking , Patios , Roofing , Interior & Exterior painting , Stucco , Hardscaping , Landscaping. 770 construction doing this Almost 30 years Let’s bring your vision to reality together Thank you.

What We Do

OUr services

Let us take care of all the hard work for you. You let us know your budget and we’ll show you the styles, materials and options available to suite your needs.

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Engineering & Architectural

Our construction process

How we work

3D & Rendering

Our home remodels begin with a 3D design and rendering in which we create an image of what your new home will look like. A big plus is that this design is created in three dimensions, making it more lifelike. If you want to alter any component of the design, let us know during the design and rendering stage and we will make the necessary changes to make your vision a reality. Upon completing the design stage, we provide our clients with a shopping list for all of the finished materials they will need to purchase for their upcoming home remodel. This approach a smooth and seamless experience throughout the entire home renovation process.

Permits & Demolition

The next step is to pull the appropriate permits from the local department of building and safety so work can commence as planned. Once the permits are pulled, demolition can start. Whether every component of your home needs to be replaced for a complete renovation, or if a partial remodel is what you are looking for, our team is here to do the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If a second story is to be added, or if certain walls are to be removed, we may need to create the necessary space by implementing framing work. At times, framing work may include structural components which require architectural plans and foundation work. While this is not always the case, houses that do require structural work tend to be more expensive, take longer to build, and are more labor intensive, as the work requires a higher level of detail.

Plumbing & Electrical

Our home remodeling team will move on next to rough plumbing and rough electrical. This means we will lay the pipes, wiring, lights, switches and other plumbing and electrical components necessary for your house to function exactly as planned. We are all about the details: we want to make sure that we set everything right, the first time, in the right location, so it will serve you for years to come without having to revisit the work done previously.


Insulation is the next step in the process of home remodeling, although it is not always required. The building code states that insulation should be added onto exterior walls only. Therefore, we only add insulation when we completely redo a kitchen or bathroom and open all walls. If we just replace cabinets or focus on a basic facelift, there is no requirement to change or add insulation.


The next step is the installation of flooring. Flooring is an important component of home remodels, mainly because it is one of the largest parts of the house. The look and feel of your flooring plays a major role in how much you enjoy the currently as well as far into the future. Our home remodeling team pay close attention to even the smallest details throughout the critical flooring installation process, even the slightest mistake has the potential to ruin the best of home remodels.

Priming & Painting

Once the flooring is installed, we shift our attention to priming and painting. Our home remodeling team will prime and paint all necessary surfaces, creating a visually striking aesthetic that is sure to be pleasing to your eyes as well as to those of your family members and guests who spend time in this newly-remodeled portion of your home.

Connecting Fixtures / Appliances

As a part of the home renovation, once cabinet installation is complete, it is time to install a new countertop on the new cabinets. In this process, our clients provide us with the countertop slab of their choice that is typically made of granite, quartz, marble, porcelain, limestone, decton, neolith. This part of the process is called fabrication and is typically done at our fabricators’ shops, not at the client’s home. While fabricating granite, quartz and marble is all done in the same manner and at the same cost, the fabrication of all other materials is more detailed, and therefore, costs more than fabricating these materials.

Final Inspection

When all the work is done, the building inspector does a final inspection, verifying that all the home remodeling work is safe, functional, and up to the local building standards. No two home renovation projects are identical, but in our experience, the general duration for a standard remodel project is between 4-6 weeks. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project, and we can provide a general timeline.

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Streamlined process

Our home remodeling team works efficiently because we respect our customers’ time. You can depend on us to meet all the milestones on time throughout the duration of your renovation project.

Ethics & Integrity

We take pride in maintaining clear lines of communication. Everything will go smoothly, according to plan.

Clear communication

Our remodeling team pledges to always do the right thing, even if it is more difficult. We are responsible for our actions and care about building a good relationship with our customers.

We actually care

770 construction focuses on quality, quality, quality. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means your home will turn out exactly as you wanted before we consider work to be done.

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