Our Special Services

Outdoor living areas in homes are meant to be the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work, so they must have hardscape features that accomplish exactly that. There are several methods to make your outdoor space more useful and appealing. For example, you can choose to install a retaining wall system that not only is strong and durable, but also complements your landscaping in an amazing and fresh way.

All installations in your outdoor areas, whether commercial or residential, should be performed by a team of qualified and experienced hardscapers, such as us at 770 Construction. We have extensive understanding of hardscaping and landscaping, having worked for many years and perfecting our method. We have completed numerous projects and are proud of our long list of satisfied clients who we assisted in achieving their ideal outdoor setting. We give the same level of attention to every project, big or small, to ensure client satisfaction – and we won’t break the bank. Call us today at 1-818-876-2220 to speak with one of our hardscape specialists.

Pilasters and Retaining Walls

If you have soil erosion issues or sloping ground on your property and want to make better use of the existing area, installing retaining walls is the ideal solution. Walls represent power, stability, and permanence. When we handle retaining wall installation in Malibu, CA, our team evaluates the available space and determines where these features should be built.


As previously said, hardscaping is a vital component of every landscape, large or small. Patios, walks, decks, outdoor kitchens, fireplace zones, and other outdoor living facilities may be present on a residential property. Using the best materials is one of the best ways to improve the usability of these areas and ensure they will last for many years.